The right to healthcare is enshrined in several human rights instruments, but migrants/refugees, frequently in vulnerable position during their journey, find themselves not necessarily aware of their rights. The CARE project, studied the most effective practices for increasing health literacy of migrants, identified as one of the objectives of Work Package 7, in order to prepare appropriate and easy to use material.

This developed material has a common content across 5 EU member states, varying only where the health systems of the participating countries vary. There are five different versions, one for each participating in the CARE project country – Italy, Malta, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia, all produced in national languages and in English. The material comes in the format of a leaflet and particularly for Croatia and Slovenia comes also in the format of a booklet, which provides more details for the migrants’/refugees’ access to healthcare services, such as what services are offered, how to reach the doctor when in need etc. At this point, the health literacy informative material, is being translated in most common migrants’ / refugees’ languages, such as Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya to name the main and will be then widely disseminated into the migrants’/ refugees’ centres and in relevant health access points.

If you want to download the leaflet produced, click the hyperlinks below:

If you want to download the booklet produced, click:

Increasing Health Literacy of Migrants’ / Refugees’

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