Key components of the CARE project

Healthcare model

The proposed healthcare model
includes tools, processes and protocols
for managing clinical contigencies and
operational relationships between
health staff and other…

Monitoring of migrant’s & refugee’s health status

The CARE project will develop an
integrated system for tracking and
monitoring the health status of
migrants and refugees…

Communicable diseases monitoring

In order to strengthen capacity to prevent and detect communicable diseases among the hosted migrant populations within the CARE participating countries and Portugal, the CARE project is implementing three activities…

Public health planning

The CARE project aims also to promote
the development of integrated public
health plans, relevant to migrants and
refugees, based on synergies between
the public sector and civil…


Health and non-health professionals
(i.e social workers, transcultural
mediators, volunteers, law enforcement
operators, etc.) will be trained for
better tackling the healthcare…

Awareness raising

Awareness raising campaigns targeting
the general public will be organized,
with a focus on misconceptions about
migrants’ and refugees’ centres of EU
countries. The system is based…