Training addressed to Italian health and non-health professionals

A training seminar under the title “Health and Migration: the transcultural approach” was held in Catania (Italy), on the 23rd and 24th of November 2016, within the framework of the WP7 of the European project “CARE – Common Approach for Refugees and other migrant’s health”. The training seminar was hosted and supported by the Cannizzaro Hospital.

It was dedicated to different professionals involved in the process of reception of migrants at their arrival and focused on :1) Strengthening a common approach in terms of migrant’s healthcare, 2) Providing theoretical and practical solutions for the promotion of shared and effective healthcare models, 3) Centralizing the concepts of transculturality and multidisciplinarity. Specifically, the two training days aimed at the enrichment of existing knowledge and skills of participants, with respect to the reception process, orientation and health care of migrants / refugees. In addition, conceptual, methodological and operational tools have been provided in order to strengthen the system of networking between professionals, institutions and stakeholders involved in the management of this process.

The event was opened by the General Director of INMP, Dr. Concetta Mirisola, along with Dr. Angelo Pellicanò, General Director of the Cannizzaro Hospital. During the first day, the topic of migration was covered along with relevant epidemiological issues. Furthermore, the legislation on migration and asylum seekers, the right of migrant to accessing healthcare, the rights of persons deprived of liberty, and issues related to enforcement policies in Sicily and, in particular, into the reception centers were analyzed. During the second day, the aspects related to the concepts of health, illness and care in different cultures, intercultural communication, cross-cultural mediation in health care and the relationship between operators and migrants were examined.

Overall, the event has been attended by almost 35 representatives of the following organizations: State Police, Local Health Department of Catania and Siracusa, University Hospital Vittorio Emanuele of Catania, Garibaldi Hospital, Italian Red Cross, Caritas, Oxfam, Emergency, UNHCR. In addition representatives of the following associations were included among participants: Il Nodo, Terra Amica, Penelope, SOS Mediterranee Italy and I Nuovi Confini Onlus.

Training Program

Training seminar in Catania – Italy, November 2016

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