Training addressed to Croatian health and non-health professionals.

As part of the CARE project and in particular Work Package 7 (Cross-cutting activities), the Croatian National Institute of Public Health organized in November three training seminars/workshops under the title “Health and Health Care of Migrants”. Each training seminar/workshop included the following topics:

  • Legal framework for the health care access of migrants
  • Intercultural mediation and stereotypes
  • Mental and reproductive health
  • Chronic non-communicable diseases
  • Infectious diseases and health promotion in migrants

Around 150 participants attended the training seminars/workshops. The participants included health care professionals, as well as other groups of stakeholders working with migrants such as social workers, police officers and psychologists. Overall, participants expressed their satisfaction for the training seminars/workshops organized.

Workshop Agenda 1

Workshop Agenda 2

Workshop Agenda 3


Training in Croatia, November 2016

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