A meeting in the migrant hotspot of Lampedusa during the pilot of

the CARE syndromic surveillance system


Two experts of the CARE WP5 team of the Italian Institute of Health (ISS) in Rome met with five healthcare workers and two managers of the migrant hotspot on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The hotspot staff, also in charge of implementing the CARE pilot syndromic surveillance system and receiving the CARE travel medicine dispatch, shared their experiences with the CARE project team.

It was noticed that a high level of awareness of the CARE project activities was evident among the hotspot staff.  The two activities were well received and no challenges or problems were reported in their implementation.

The CARE syndromic surveillance and dispatch pilots came to an end in December 2016. Currently, the CARE WP5 team in ISS is internally evaluating both activities.

WP5 meeting in Lampedusa

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