Training addressed to Greek and Croatian multidisciplinary staff was held at INMP headquarters
Rome, 6-8 September 2016


The Care project requires a strong and coordinated action to train professionals and target groups who are engaged with migrants’ health. Those target groups are health professionals working into the multidisciplinary teams of the hotspots in Italy and Greece as well as those who are ready to work in Croatia in the main migrant camp as soon as a new major migration flow determines over there. Professionals working into the migrants centres express then a special training need which has been considered when identifying the training objective, according to the peculiar characteristics of cure determined in these first arrival sites. Training objectives of other professionals working outside the mentioned sites as well as operators of public and private bodies on the territory of Care MSs who are however at different extent touched by migrants’ health management, are addressed with different training actions which do have peculiar training objectives. In order to strengthen the training actions for health professionals working into the migrants’ centres, on-site training courses have been addressed by INMP to Italian hotspots multidisciplinary staff (Lampedusa and Trapani Milo). But further training actions have been also held for the Greek and Croatian multidisciplinary staff professionals who have been convened in Rome by INMP. This occasion has been structured in order to assure field-oriented training to professionals who are supposed to directly provide health assistance to migrants in their country but also to those who have a more organisational role, through a “training for trainers”, which was not foreseen in the original project. By doing so, we expect from the hole training activity a stronger appraisal and a longer duration of the effects to be deployed over the interested countries, particularly thanks to the multiplying effect of the training for trainers initiative.

Download the training programme (6-8 September 2016)

Training – Rome, 6-8 September

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